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We at Heatmaster are committed to increasing our leadership in the hearth and gas products industry. Our dedication to integrity, hard work, honest business ethics, and reinvestment into new technologies is evidence of this commitment.

We highly value and honor our relationships with our customers, vendors, and each other. Our focus

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is on continuously improving our products and our service, and to exceed the expectations of those that we serve.

Our Company

HEATMASTER, Inc. is located in Angier, North Carolina, approximately 30 miles south of the famed Research Triangle Park. Our corporate facilities and manufacturing are nestled among the hard working communities of central North Carolina. That is where our work ethics of integrity and honesty, and general business ethics stem from. This is why we are also a company that people in our industry know they can trust. The company is owned personally by the founder, and our manufacturing facility is in the community he lives. Many of our employees are local people. With this in mind, it is very important to HEATMASTER, Inc. to maintain strong business ethics.

In the late 1970�s our company was involved in the design and manufacture of farming equipment. At that time the founder was presented with an unusual request. To create a device that would capture and disperse more of gas log sets heat. A sheet metal shroud and heat deflector was constructed with an internal fan to distribute the heated air. This idea was quite a success and soon mass production was underway. By 1984 with gas heating becoming more and more prevalent, HEATMASTER, Inc. produced it�s first sets of gas logs.

Over the years the continued development of a unique log molding process has yielded the most attractive and realistic log sets available today. Our log sets are just as pretty for the 5 months a year when they�re not in use as they are with a roaring blaze surrounding them. HEATMASTER, Inc. has earned and proudly displays it�s corporate slogan: "The ultimate in realism created by the perfect blend of art and engineering".

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